Solutions for Professional Web Design in Perth

Get started today with an existing software solution

At Team Evolution, our website designers in Perth develop hundreds of software applications for our clients every year; so chances are, we’ve already got a solution that would match your requirements.

Choosing one of our existing web site design solutions means you can get the software you need quickly and cost-effectively and you’ll always have the option of upgrading or modifying your system later on.

Some of our existing web site design solutions include:

Content Management (CMS)

Our fully-functional CMS puts the power of website management into your hands. This easy-to-use system will allow you to create sub-pages using inbuilt templates, upload images, upload and modify content, manage e-commerce functionality, view website analytics, plus much more. You won’t need any prior knowledge of design as the system works much like the programs you’re already familiar with, such as Microsoft Word.


NetSAFE risk assessment and safety management software has been successfully adopted by many leading businesses. This web-based system will enable you to achieve higher standards of workplace safety by assessing hazards, prescribing corrective actions and providing recommendations for training and certification. As the system is completely web-based, you’ll be able to keep detailed incident reports completely paper-free, and access safety data 24/7 from any location.

Interactive Project (IPS)

IPS is a web-based email collaboration/helpdesk tool designed to help users communicate more effectively. By defining departmental or project email groups, the system enables clients and internal users to communicate with appropriate members, and assign project management tasks. When used as a helpdesk tool, IPS employs a ticketing system to process and prioritise support requests.

Business Backup

Our business backup solution offers security for your data with multiple encryption options, automatic backup at scheduled intervals and remote storage on state-of-the-art servers. In the event of the unexpected, your data can be restored quickly and easily.


If you’re a traditional retailer looking to launch online sales or a new online retailer, we can you help start selling online with a shopping cart solution. If your website already has e-commerce functionality, we can upgrade your system so you can enjoy even more benefits.


When you choose to host your website with us, you’ll receive a reliable, fast and secure hosting solution with domain registration and additional email addresses. Email-only and email-plus options are also available. Our hosting solution has been designed specifically to support e-commerce and other specialist applications.

Email Marketing Software

It’s easy to stay in touch with clients and prospects with our email marketing software. Keep your target audience updated via newsletters and market your business better with promotional emails. You can choose to have the application built into your website to allow visitors to sign up for newsletters and updates.

Contact us today to find out more about our ready-to-go software solutions and professional web design services in Perth.

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